Family wants answers after man killed while attending friend's funeral in Philadelphia

6abc Action News
6abc Action News
It has been a devastating few days for Kathi Camp.

Her 26-year-old son, Diniar Camp, was shot and killed Saturday morning just before 12:30 a.m. at 19th and Berks streets in Philadelphia.

Friends and family gathered on Tuesday night for a vigil and a balloon release.

"Stop the violence!" said Kathi Camp. "I believe they targeted my baby. They targeted him and it's not fair because he would have loved you. He would have gave his heart to you."

Diniar's family said he moved to Las Vegas to escape Philadelphia's violence, and the only reason he was in town was to go to his friend's funeral.

That friend was 26-year-old Joelill Foy, the founding member of the singing group "Brotherly Love," who was gunned down outside his home on the 1800 block of Sigel Street two weeks ago .

"He went away to pursue his music career. He only came here to bury his friend and now he's leaving on a toe tag," said Diniar's aunt, Geraldine Camp. "I wish he never would have ever even came here."

Diniar Camp

"What happened to him is just really sad," added Diniar's wife, Arryanna Camp. "I just can't even imagine this happening to anybody, but for it to happen to me, I'm only 22, he was only 26."

Camp's family described him as someone who would give you the shirt off his back and help others solve problems.

"My son was not a street person. He was loved by very many people," said Kathi Camp. "He was into music and dedicated his life to helping people, and talking to people and making them smile."

As Philadelphia police continue to search for the suspect, the family wants to know why the shooter pulled the trigger.

"He went away to get his singing career. You know he got married. He wants kids. Y'all took all of that away from us," said Geraldine Camp. "Y'all hit my family hard when you did this."

Philadelphia police say they believe a domestic dispute was the motive for this killing, but no further details were available. Police say the investigation is active and ongoing with homicide detectives.

Members of Diniar's family say they plan on leaving the city.

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I’m in no way down playing this senseless act. But the wife said the murder was over a domestic dispute. If that’s the case this “family member” would have targeted him. Visiting from LA, his killer found it easier to get to him because they probably didn’t have the means to get to LA to do it. Yes Philly is a violent city, but they can’t put this act of violence on the City. This was planned and orchestrated from a family member not a stranger. I would recommend anyone who can afford to move out of the city, do it!

Margaret Sigler

This sound like it was a planned to target shooting they knew he would be coming because someone told about his coming to Philadelphia, Yes I believe a family member help with his killing by telling that he was in Killphiladelphia for his friend funeral.. Sad but someone help get him killed. Yup he should of stayed out of this city now called Killphiladelphia city.

ms Fabulousone

it's something more to this story for this young man to be visiting and attend the funeral of the other slained young man something ain't right 😔 for these families


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