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Anthony Johnson

Some of these comments are just ridiculous. He took confidential information that wasn't his. If it was anyone regular citizen they would be under the jail, they had been trying to get those papers back for a while. HE BROUGHT IT ON HIMSELF. SHOULD BE LOCKED UP HOPEFULLY IT WILL HAPPEN

Ga Yankee

Gee, maybe he shouldn't have taken all of those boxes of documents. Maybe he should have cooperated with them when the National Archives requested them back. This is a direct result of his own actions. He continues to thumb his nose at all ethics, morals, norms, protocols and laws. Cry me a river! 😭😢🙄


Republicans hate the fact that everything they let Trump get away with for four years is coming to light. They allowed all his misdeeds hoping it would help them keep the majority in the Senate race of 2020 and it backfired. If they had voted to impeach him the first time then there wouldn't have been a J6 and all that followed. Corruption don't just stop with Donald, it's high up the chain and they don't want to be reveal so if course they are going to make a big deal of the FBI searching Trump home it means no one is above the law not even a Ex President that's benn running afoul for a long tim.


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