Don't accidentally throw your TABOR refund check away

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CBS Denver

State of Colorado sending out TABOR refund checks 00:51

Every Colorado resident should double check their mail before they toss out any envelopes this month. There could be a tax refund check for you.

The State of Colorado has started to send out TABOR refund checks of at least $750.

This is what the envelope looks like:


It's not junk mail, so don't throw it away!

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State officials have set up a hotline for people who have questions about their checks. Coloradans can call 303.951.4996.

Here's what money experts say about making the most of your refund:

  • Before you spend anything, make sure it goes to your most pressing need.
  • Second, pay down your credit cards -- eliminate high interest debt.
  • Then, pay down other debts like your car loans or overdue utility bills.
  • Put anything left into savings.

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Sally Brown

Believe me I wont! I'll throw the letter away that Polis inserted and probably will not read his letter...trying to get a political gain from this..😡

Claudia Tejada

😡Mine was intercepted for an outstanding court fine! Who the heck do they think they are!! I wasn't even planning on paying that!! EVER!! 😤

audie dolce

lmao, they act like $750 can pay everything... that won't even cover rent.


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