Clippers Player: Steph Curry is Top-10 All-Time


Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry is top-10 ever to this LA Clippers player

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Having just secured his fourth title and first Finals MVP award, Steph Curry has forced even the haters to reevaluate their all-time rankings. With a missing Finals MVP being the last major critique on his historic career, albeit an illegitimate critique, Steph has quite literally silenced all the doubters.

When asked recently on a podcast if Steph Curry is top-10 all-time, LA Clippers G/F Terance Mann said, "Yes, yes, yes. There's no question. Most definitely. You can't play in an NBA game if you can't shoot a three right now. How is he not top-10 of all-time?"

Acknowledging that Steph Curry changed the game of basketball forever, Terance Mann knows he deserves his spot in the game's top-10 of all-time list. In addition to his revolutionary play, Steph has built a resume of winning and individual success that very few can rival.

Terance Mann got an up close look at Steph Curry's greatness a few times last season, when the superstar point guard torched the Clippers both at home and on the road. Some of his best performances last year came against the Clippers, and it was no fault of their own. Catching fire like only he can, Steph had a game against the Clippers last season with 25 points on 100% shooting in the first quarter alone.

Having seen it up close and from afar, Terance Mann has no question that Steph Curry is top-10 ever.

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