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Denise Todd

First one family is kicked off a plane because they refused to put their child on their lap after they'd bought them a ticket so they could have their own seat but the airline had overbooked...and Now they're kicking someone off because they put their child on their lap because of their child having stress about the take-off...why do the airlines get to change the rules according to what suits them in the moment?

Dianne Laws

the airline needs to have the same standards on every plane it operates then, if they were allowed on the first flight they should have been allowed on the second flight ESPECIALLY since it was the same airline, that just opens the door for a lawsuit the airline would lose

judy van coevering

bad parenting... you know the rules when you bought the ticket... child must be in own seat during takeoff and landing for their own safety!!! you can't tell the cop you are holding a child in your lap while you drive because they were scared or upset...for safety they need to be in a child safety seat.... if child was too scared to fly , it's up to you to exit the plane and try again when she's not too scared... 2 may be too young for your child to fly... as a parent it's up to you to know.......


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