JD PicKell: Arkansas is fully bought in to Sam Pittman
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After a number of down years, Arkansas football finally sprang back to life in 2021 with a 9-3 season. The Razorbacks were threatening during Sam Pittman’s first year in 2020, but an All-SEC schedule made it tough to break through. In 2021, though, they did just that. And Hogs fans are over the moon, according to On3’s JD PicKell.

PicKell recently recorded a video for the On3 YouTube channel where he detailed how this Razorback revolution happened on the football field to get fans back engaged all of a sudden.

You can watch his comments on the incredible one-year turnaround right here or read them in full below.

JD PicKell on fans buying into Sam Pittman

“Internally, the pulse at Arkansas is…bought in, because they’ve seen it. Now, they’ve seen what it’s like to buy into Sam Pittman’s process to his culture the way that he does things. And they’ve seen some ROI because in 2020, like I mentioned, they were 3-7. Similar to how I think Nebraska is going to be this coming year, one of the better 3-7 teams in the country at that point in time. And the schedule was brutal and they said…okay, let’s go pick up the pieces. Weird year, coverage year. Let’s get back together on this thing.

“They believe in the process like that. Like I said, they buy in in 2021, they pop nine wins and so now there’s no questioning the way that Sam Pittman does things. If they had a four-win season last year, if they had, you know, let’s even say a five-win, six-win season. Maybe you’re saying…okay, this kind of has some teeth to it. Maybe we can adjust this and find a way to get it, you know, headed the right direction. But to win nine games with the schedule that they played a year ago — folks, they are drinking the kool-aid in Arkansas.

“What I love so much about it — they’re doing it their way. Like, they’re doing it with KJ Jefferson running behind these big boys. They’re doing it with the explosive play — along with playing tough defense. They’re doing it in a sense that’s very much on brand for Arkansas. Not worried about spreading you out and scoring 50 a game. They’re doing it the Arkansas way.”

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