Suspect involved in Las Cruces road rage shooting that injured 3-year-old girl turns himself in


LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- Officials with the Las Cruces Police Department said the man involved in Friday's road rage shooting incident has been identified. The shooting resulted in a 3-year-old girl getting struck by gunfire.

24-year-old Estevan Miguel Jimenez turned himself in to police Sunday afternoon.

On Friday, the occupants of a dark blue Honda Civic got into a road rage altercation with the driver of a black pickup truck. The shooting happened near the intersection of Amador Avenue and Valley Drive.

Jimenez is suspected of pointing a firearm and shooting at least one round at the pickup truck.

Gunfire struck a 3-year-old child who was a backseat passenger. She was airlifted to UMC in El Paso.

The victim continues to recover from her injuries.

Jimenez is charged with one count of shooting at or from a motor vehicle causing great bodily injury, three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of tampering with evidence.

Officials also learned the identity of the driver of the Honda Civic during the incident, but no charges have been filed against the driver.

Jimenez also acknowledged his involvement in the shooting.

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When you feel slighted on the highway slow down 5 miles BELOW the speed limit and cool your jets. It ain’t that serious….driving is not a competition unless it’s done on a closed track

Give Peace A Chance

Once you catch the suspect , you run his ID information and upon inquiry through dispatch it’ll tell you if your suspect is a felon or not. So that’s a given right off the bat in NM. * He probably turned himself in because his vehicle was plastered all over social media with plate info. I Just Pray for the 3 year old little girl and hope she makes a successful and speedy recovery! God Bless our City!!!!

2nd Beliver

We need to know if he is a felon with a gun, who purchased the gun, stolen, give the facts on the gun.


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