Police Investigate Apparent Murder-Suicide Involving 3 Children

News 9 KWTV - Oklahoma City
News 9 KWTV - Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide. Police say the case involves a father and three young children. It happened in a neighborhood at NW 112th Street and Treemont Lane.

“This is a tragic situation, a lot of emotions are involved,” said Capt. Michelle Henderson with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Police say it all started around 4 a.m. Saturday when officers were called to do a welfare check on a father and his three children, all under the age of 7.

“Dad had left the house with his three small children, made threatening statements so we were in the area for several hours looking for him and the children,” Capt. Henderson said.

A woman walking her dogs came across the parked car. She agreed to speak to News 9 but wished to remain anonymous.

“When I went over there, I knew something was off already because the guy's car was running and it was parked three feet from the curb,” she said. “It was on the right side of the road, but it was just odd.”

She said she passed by multiple times and saw a man reclined in the car, motionless.

“I did start to suspect that maybe the guy wasn't alive in the car, so I went to the passenger side where the window was cracked only a little bit, in case he was drunk or belligerent,” she said. “When I went over to the window, it didn't cross my mind that anybody else was in the car.”

She said as she got closer, she discovered blood under the car.

“When I saw that blood, I didn't go any further, I didn't need to see what was in there,” she said.

She ran to a neighbor’s house to call 911.

“There were police officers out here within five minutes,” said Amy Robinson who called 911.

Amy Robinson showed us where the car was parked next to her home. She said she and her neighbors were shocked once police discovered the man and his three children dead inside the car, in an apparent murder-suicide.

“It breaks my heart, and I cannot understand or fathom anybody doing that to a child let alone three of them,” Robinson said.

“It's sad that anybody gets to that point that they gotta take themselves out but to take three kids out,” the walker said. “Many of us didn’t want to believe that’s what really happened here.”

Police are still investigating and have not released the names of those involved or the causes of death.

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Angela Ness

That is so sad my condolences goes out to the family and the mother of the children


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