Trump PAC claiming to be 'election defense fund' paid $60,000 to Melania Trump designer

UPI News
UPI News
 6 days ago

Aug. 5 (UPI) -- Federal Elections Commission filings show former President Donald Trump's Save America PAC, claiming to be an "election defense fund, paid $60,000 to a fashion designer for Melania Trump.

The FCC filings show four payments to Herve Pierre Braillard, allegedly for "strategy consulting." Three payments of $18,000 each were disbursed from the Trump PAC in May and June of 2022. A $6,000 payment was made in April.

"Mr. Pierre serves as a senior adviser to Save America, involved in event management and special projects," said Taylor Budowich, a senior official with Save America.

The Trump PAC has raised more than $100 million, in part through emails claiming the money would go to an "Official Election Defense Fund."

But according to investigative counsel for the Jan. 6 committee investigating a pro-Trump mob's violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, that election defense fund never existed.

Two former Trump aides testified during the committee hearings that an election defense fund never existed and was just a marketing tactic.

According to USA Today, Braillard is a French-American New York-based designer that has worked with Melania Trump, as well as First Ladies Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush.

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Rl 56
6d ago

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Tina Scott
6d ago

Do people NOT realize that the GOP has agreed to, and will continue to PAY.. ALL of Donald J. Trump's LEGAL FEES!! From 2016 through 2024 IF he doesn't ANNOUNCE that he's running for president before the 2022 Midterm elections.. if he announces EARLY.. No more coverage of ALL legal fees!! I'm guessing that's FINALLY something that will actually SHUT DJT UP... 😂🤣😂 🙊


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