Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis fires elected state prosecutor for signing a document in opposition to arresting women seeking abortions

Witness LA
Witness LA
 15 days ago
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Douglas Ashe
14d ago

Prosecutor's do not make the law,the abide by it.Dude,already said at least 3 times,he would not prosecute anyone breaking these laws.He is not above the law,so now he is not working.

Harold Whitted
14d ago

I believe anyone backed by Bankrupt America Soros should not hold any US Government job!! Did not spend 20 years in the Military for a foreigner to rule our country!!! Do not understand why people come to America to escape their country, then want to change America to what they fled??!!🤔🙏

James Redden
14d ago

That's not at all why he was suspended. Watch the full press conference, they explained it pretty well I thought. This prosecutor was picking and choosing which laws would be enforced, not just the one about abortion, but many others. He should have been fired a long time ago.


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