Nicole Hazen, wife of Arizona Diamondbacks GM Mike Hazen, dies at 45


The Arizona Diamondbacks announced on Thursday that Nicole Hazen, the wife of general manager Mike Hazen, died Thursday at the age of 45.

The team announced that she died from complications related to glioblastoma, a rare form of cancer.

She is survived by her husband, Mike, and their four sons, Charlie, John, Teddy and Sam.

“Nicole lived her life and loved her family with fierceness and devotion," the Hazen family said in a statement. "She spent every day in the service of others as a mother, wife and educator advocating for goodness. From our family, we remain forever grateful for the love, support and random acts of kindness bestowed upon us for the last two years and four months. We would not have been able to walk down this road, with her, without the help and generosity of our community. Glioblastoma slowly took her capacity to speak, walk, talk and lead but never took her capacity to love her children, family and friends. We are lost without her but will carry the torch of her unyielding empathy for everyone forward, from this day onward.”
Arizona Diamondbacks GM Mike Hazen and his wife, Nicole. Courtesy Arizona Diamondbacks/Monica Bradburn

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The Diamondbacks issued the following statement on Nicole Hazen:

“Nicole was a beloved member of the D-backs’ family, and we are saddened by her passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike, Charlie, John, Teddy, Sam and their entire extended family. Nicole will be remembered for her vibrance, kindness, and a beautiful smile that could light up a room. Her fighting spirit was evident in every step of her courageous journey and in her efforts to make an impact on research and treatment, while providing future hope to those who receive a similar diagnosis. She will forever be remembered and honored.”

Information regarding plans to celebrate Nicole Hazen's life will be communicated at a later date, the team announced.

This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Nicole Hazen, wife of Arizona Diamondbacks GM Mike Hazen, dies at 45

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tyler reese

Rest in peace, Mrs. Hazen.Condolences to Mr Hazen , family and friends.My wife died of the same cancer in 2000.She was 36, strong, beautiful , humorous and to see her wither away to almost nothing very nearly killed myself. When we first heard the diagnosis and prognosis , less than a year to live , I asked her what are we gonna do.Without shedding a tear she told me ," just hang on for the ride.". She never complained and I saw her cry just once.A true example of bravery and I don't know how , but I think it made me a better , stronger person for it.Be strong , Mike.

Thomas Previty

Condolences to the husband, family 👪 and friends. A very sad story. Too young and too beautiful to leave us. May she RIP 🙏 🪦 😌.

Jose Razon

Can't count on fingers now how many people jist all of a sudden will find out they have cancer and mostly stage 4 (three I know personally) been on remission...took the jab. Like an accelerant it tqkes you from remission to stage 4.


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