The Good Fight Final Season Trailer: Is Diane Dumping Gary Cole for Mad Man John Slattery? — WATCH


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Gary Cole’s full-time commitment to NCIS may have created an opportunity for Diane Lockhart .

Paramount+ on Wednesday unveiled the official trailer for The Good Fight ‘s sixth and final season , and the 150-second teaser strongly implies that Christine Baranski’s married alter ego gets romantically entangled with the new doctor character played by Mad Men vet John Slattery. Meanwhile, Cole — who co-stars as Diane’s hubby Kurt McVeigh — gets minimal screen time in the trailer (watch above).

As we previously reported, series creators Robert and Michelle King toyed with breaking up Diane and Kurt last season , which found the couple grappling with their stark political differences like never before. Ultimately, however, they “didn’t have the heart to pull the trigger,” Robert admitted to TVLine. “For some reason, their chemistry [is stronger than their] political [differences].”

The rousing trailer also offers glimpses of Good Wife vet Alan Cumming ( reprising his role as Eli Gold ) and Emmy winner Andre Braugher, who joins the cast in the series regular role of Ri’Chard Lane, a showman lawyer and rainmaker who is forced on Liz (Audra McDonald) as a new name partner.

Good Fight ‘s final season finds Diane experiencing an “uneasy sense of déjà vu, with everything from Roe v. Wade to voting rights to Cold War aggressions returning,” per the official teaser synopsis provided by Paramount+. “Meanwhile, the lawyers of Reddick & Associates wonder if the violence that they see all around them points to an impending civil war.”

The Good Fight ‘s 10-episode farewell season premieres Thursday, Sept. 8 on Paramount+.

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