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People who are 'different' are not threats

To the editor, Kudos to North Valley Friends Church, who in working to develop the Peace Trail Village, have chosen to actively live out their faith by assisting vulnerable people in our town.

In contrast, Veritas parents are fearfully responding with a petition to "forbid the city from establishing or supporting creation of housing for homeless folks without a vote of the people and bars such facilities from proximity to schools." (Newberg Graphic, July 20). They worry "that their children will be exposed to residents of the village who could be a threat to the students."

Their response is appalling. Having Peace Trail Village next door to their school could be seen as an opportunity for students and parents to serve, to develop relationships with people who live differently, to learn about the (lack of) affordable housing and the economics/culture of poverty, to become more compassionate humans. People who are "different" are not threats. They are neighbors. Be neighborly. Act with faith, not fear. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Join me in refusing to sign this petition.

Tammy Secrist, Newberg

Council members wrong to vote themselves a raise

To the editor:

Really, per your article the Newberg City Council had been receiving $10 per hour for meeting times as a public servant? I have to wonder when this amount was changed from back in 1996 when I finished my 16 years in that office when it was $8 per meeting. And that $8 was for required meetings only and not allowed for budget meetings. That $8 per meeting was called a stipend and not wages for an office held. A stipend was more of a gratuity for time spent, which could be several hours for each one.

And the way we were paid was from a roll call at each meeting and added up for a six-month time period. Yes, sometimes we could earn about $96 in six months If all the meetings were held. But, of course, some meetings were canceled over the holidays so it could be less. And, of course, if it was a big issue that required more than we might even make upwards of $118 in that sixth-month period.

But to now vote themselves a raise increase of approximately six times over that original amount is going way overboard in the times we are in. They should be leaders to others and not take advantage of what they can do for themselves with our dollars.

Sorry to say councilors -- you were wrong in doing this action. And do not forget to claim this on your taxes.

Feel the same? Write the city a note or e mail them.

Roger Currier, Newberg

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