WATCH: Joe Rogan Speaks Out About Brittney Griner’s ‘Horrific Imprisonment’

Joe Rogan isn’t holding his tongue on how he feels about Brittney Griner being detained in Russia since February.

“The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast host described the detainment of the WNBA star as “horrific” during an Instagram video posted Tuesday. Rogan, a noted cannabis user, said “no one should be in jail for doing weed.” Griner was detained on Feb. 17 for being in possession of vape cartridges containing hashish oil at a Russian airport.

“Something to consider when we’re talking about Russia’s horrific imprisonment of Brittney Griner; there are tens of thousands of people in prison in America for cannabis right now,” Rogan wrote. “No one should be in jail for weed.”

Joe Rogan Wants One Questioned Answered

Rogan, however, has one question on his mind: What about U.S. citizens who are in prison currently for cannabis use? Rogan questioned why those people are still “locked up.”

“We have people in America right now locked up for marijuana and they’ve been locked up for f—— years,” Rogan said. “For years and years and years. And there’s not one – there’s thousands of them. So what, they’re not good at throwing a f—— ball into a net. … Those f—— people don’t get let out?”

Rogan has been outspoken on the Griner situation, recently calling Russia’s handling of the situation “horrible.”

“It’s a publicity thing. … They’re showing their big d—. It’s like f— you, we’ll just keep your girl and lock her up in a cage – f— you,” Rogan said.

Griner, meanwhile, continues to go through the court process. Facing a maximum of 10 years in prison, she has pleaded guilty to the charges. Griner appeared in court for the final time Tuesday ahead of closing statements taking place Thursday.

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Kathy Balcerowicz

live and learn sweetheart why should you get special treatment you disrespect. our great country maybe you'll learn to love another and find a cute cell mate on top of it catch you on the rebound

Ewanah Rice

I agree with this.if America help her out than every one that has bn arrested for this drug should get a pardon on there sentence and should be free

Jeff Eanes

Whats so "horrific" about it?????? It's exactly where she is supposed to be. She broke their laws, she belongs in their jails.


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