Teen shares moment car crashes through his bedroom sending him to hospital

WPTV West Palm Beach
WPTV West Palm Beach

Two people were taken to the hospital after a car crashed into a house in the Country Landing One community, west of Boca Raton.

The house sits at the end of a road where witnesses said a car went through the lawn and crashed into the front of the house, hitting 19-year-old Isaiah Riley inside.

"I was in my room playing on my phone and then, next thing I know, in under 3 seconds a car is halfway through my room, blood is dripping off my face and there's glass flying through my room," said Riley.

The teen's bed was up against the wall that the car crashed through, launching him across his room into his closet doors.

"I'm just happy to be alive and that everyone is good that lives in this house," said Riley.

Riley and the driver were both taken to the hospital.

Riley was released after a few hours with a gash on his head and legs.

"I mean, I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I got too much adrenaline in my body to feel anything right now, but yeah I want to take it day by day but got to get some stuff back that was destroyed," said Riley.

His grandfather, Ross Terrano, works for a remodeling company and has been busy patching up the wall, predicting there's upwards of $40,000 in damages.

"After we witnessed what happened in there was projectiles from concrete and from the automobile that went through the wall," said Terrano.

Riley said his bed, electronics, and other furniture were all damaged but has since gotten the hole in the house patched up.

So far, no word on the condition of the driver but the homeowners said he was responsive at the time of the crash.

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