‘NCIS’ Star Gary Cole Will Appear in at Least One Steamy Scene on ‘The Good Fight’

Gary Cole earned a spot in the NCIS cast this time a year ago. But the guy who plays Alden Parker didn’t dump all his roles on other shows.

So yes, that means that Cole will be back for at least one episode in the final season of The Good Fight. He started playing Kurt McVeigh, the charming ballistics expert with a penchant for conservative politics, back on The Good Wife in 2010. Then when CBS created The Good Fight as a spinoff, Cole reprised his role. He’s appeared in a combined 34 episodes. And on both shows, he and Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart showed that opposites do fall in love with each other. So for this non-classic TV love story, you have a liberal, Hillary Clinton-supporting lawyer marrying an NRA advocate who worked for the Donald Trump administration.

Cole now is back at work on NCIS, as the show began production for season 20 earlier this month. Meanwhile, season six of The Good Fight premieres Sept. 8 on Paramount+. The series was one of the first created by a network to be strictly streaming. In this case, CBS placed the series on its subscription CBS all-access streamer. The name changed to Paramount+ last year. This season also happens to be the show’s last.
Before NCIS, Gary Cole portrayed ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh on The Good Wife and spinoff The Good Wife. (Photo: Patrick Harbron)

So how much will The Good Fight fans be able to see the NCIS star moonlighting on the show? According to Baranski, Kurt McVeigh will be around at least once. Diane also may be thinking about starting an affair with Mad Men’s John Slattery, who portrays Dr. Lyle Bettencourt. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Baranski described a sexy dream with both the men.

“You see a lot of a Diane who’s just looser and more relaxed,” Baranski said. “She’s going through these treatments because she really wants another view on the world. … There’s wonderful stuff [this season]. I’m literally in bed with two men in a fantasy sequence — I’m with Lyle Bettencourt, who appears in my bed as a fantasy, and Kurt is there. And I’m in the middle. It’s like, what actress gets to have these great actors — it’s like a man sandwich.”
Cole starts his second season on NCIS as special agent in charge, Alden Parker (CBS)

But rest assured NCIS fans, Cole’s loyalty is to the show that’s entering its 20th season. It’s also the most watched scripted drama on network television. Cole had a unique challenge when he joined the cast. After all, he replaced the beloved Mark Harmon, who as Jethro Gibbs, was the heart and energy of the show.

Harmon left NCIS after the fourth episode of season 19. Cole joined the show before Harmon left. He was an FBI agent who’d been investigating the same serial killer as Gibbs. When Gibbs decided to stay in Alaska, he recommended Cole to replace him as special agent in charge.

NCIS premieres Sept. 19. Parker is on the run with his ex-wife, Vivian. He’s been set up for murder by a cult leader known as the Raven.

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