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Andre Oentoro

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Workwear Scrubs


All doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists and even medical students have one thing in common: they all wear those recognizable medical scrubs. And they also want their scrubs to be comfortable, practical and even stylish for wear in all yearly conditions. So what are scrubs and how can a medical worker choose their perfect pair?

Scrubs are a form of safety and protection wear for medical workers that can prevent cross-contamination between patients and medical workers. Scrubs provide a barrier so that harmful pathogens can’t reach the wearer. Besides preventing cross-contamination, scrubs also help people identify medical workers and create a sense of authority. Therefore, it’s very important for you to be careful with your scrub selection so you can put all the focus on your job while feeling safe and protected. When choosing workwear scrubs, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Think about the size

First things first: no matter the look of the scrubs, there’s no way to feel comfortable and safe when wearing scrubs that are too tight to too baggy. It’s best to opt for something that fits your form and allows free movement and comfortable sitting. The cut of scrubs varies greatly, and today, medical workers can choose between form-fitting scrubs, relaxed fits and even unisex fits. What’s important is to pick a size that will allow you movement and won’t prevent you from doing your job. It’s not professional to have to readjust your scrubs in crisis situations or while discussing treatment with patients.

If you have a chance to try out your new scrubs before committing to a certain cut or manufacturer, do so. Why? Well, you’ll get the chance to see whether there are certain awkward seem placements, whether the neck is too high or too low, whether the cut fits your torso length, etc.


Medical workers come in contact with everything from bodily fluids and germs to grime and dirt. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right materials for your scrubs—something you won’t have to repair after every wear or throw away after a few washes. The best option of scrubs comes in stain-resistant fabrics that are also anti-microbial. And many new manufacturers also use moisture-wicking technology that removes the sweat from your body and pushes it to the surface, allowing ultimate coolness and fast drying. Medical professionals working in extreme weather, especially cold, should look for something like Scrub Lab fleece jacket scrubs that will keep them warm yet mobile in winter conditions. These scrubs are warm, moisture wicking and prevent odors. When combined with proper underscrub wear, winter scrubs will provide comfort and safety even in freezing conditions.

For warm weather, something light made with cotton and polyester mix is a perfect choice because it’s breathable. Professionals who get in lots of contact with fluids and germs are safest in stain-resistant and anti-microbial scrubs.


Most medical professionals agree that you can never have too much storage. Some scrubs have two pockets, some three, some four, some even more, hidden in pants, tops and warm-up jackets. If you always have a lot of pads, pens, scissors, keys, mobile phones, etc. with you and need to use them all the time, the more pockets the merrier. There are lanyards for keys and ID, but many don’t like the neck pressure these create, so pockets are always a great solution.


When it comes to workwear of any kind, function always comes before form, however, if there’s an opportunity, feel free to consider fashion as well. Today, scrubs come in all imaginable colors and prints. Some workplaces have a set palette workers need to follow, but if your allows freedom of choice when it comes to color and print of your scrubs, don’t hesitate to add some variety. For instance, mix different bottoms and tops or choose colors that make you look slimmer or more buff. If you’re rotating your scrubs according to season, pick up your favorite seasonal scrubs early so you can get all the colors and prints in your size.

What you’re wearing under

Some medical professionals choose to wear undergarments with their scrubs and others choose to only go with underwear. If you love to wear a t-shirt and tights under your scrubs, make sure everything is neatly covered. If you choose to go only with underwear, make sure to choose scrubs that are thick enough to provide you with warmth and coverage.


Scrubs should be very easy to keep clean and neat. Some scrubs and some clinics have certain requirements when it comes to washing and drying temperatures, so make sure to check the scrub label. When reading the label, keep in mind the washing temperature, laundry methods (domestic or industrial), washing frequency, risk of contamination, etc. If you take these into consideration, you’ll manage to pick out scrubs that will be easy to maintain for you. Those workers that often come in contact with spillages and contamination might opt for thicker materials that are good at withstanding intense cleaning over time.

Your scrubs are your best friend when it comes to workplace safety in medical fields, so make sure to choose the right model, material and fit for you so you can stay safe and comfortable no matter what.

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