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Dog Found After Surviving Plane Crash

By Darby McNally,

(Photo Credit: Ray Township Fire and Rescue Facebook)

A dog who went missing after a small plane crash in Michigan has been found.

Charlie, a 6-month-old Golden Retriever, was on board a flight that sent all humans on board to the hospital. Witnesses to the crash say the frightened pup ran away from the scene.

Surviving the Plane Crash

According to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, 44-year-old pilot Ronny Kamel lost power to the single engine Beechcraft A-36 shortly after takeoff. The plane reached only 100 feet in altitude. Kamel’s wife, four-time Olympian Chirine Njeim, and their 17-year-old niece were also involved in the plane crash. All passengers were sent to a local hospital to be treated for “broken bones, lacerations, and burns.”

Amazingly, Charlie escaped unscathed. A newspaper delivery driver found this incredible doggo and transported him to the local fire station. This brave boy, technically just a puppy, certainly deserves some recognition — and some treats — for his courage.

Keeping Your Dog Safe on Private Flights

Although most canine flying nightmares center around a commercial flight, taking your pup on a private plane presents its own complications.

While you may not be beholden to commercial airline rules, there are still precautions you must take. The United States Department of Agriculture requires your pup to be at least eight weeks old and in good health. As for other requirements, the USDA site provides a handy state-by-state guide for traveling with your pup. All states require up-to-date vaccinations.

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