Miranda Lambert’s Husband Brendan McLoughlin Has Been Asking Her For Financial Support Because He’s Jobless - Source

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Business Times

Miranda Lambert's husband, Brendan McLoughlin has allegedly been relying on the singer for all his monetary needs.
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A source told National Enquirer that McLoughlin was forced to quit his job in the force when he married Lambert. Even though he doesn't regret his decision to do so, McLoughlin doesn't have any source of income so he needs his wife's help.

"Brendan doesn't regret leaving his job with the NYPD but he's forced to go to Miranda for money if he needs anything like new socks. It's awkward for him especially when it happens in front of friends," the source said.

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Sandy Lanier

Anything to stir up trouble their marriage is their business their money is their business

Doodles Connor

Well first, who cares? How is this anyone's business? Second, they are married & isn't that how most married couples do? If he made all the money & supported her financially, nobody would bat an eye!

Robert Lumbrusco

So he asks her for sock money in front of his friends? lol. This article is wacky! And not to be taken seriously.


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