Supermodel Paulina Porizkova on being single 3 years after Ric Ocasek’s death: ‘I’m happily alone’


Paulina Porizkova is setting the record straight on the difference between loneliness and being alone.

The 57-year-old supermodel kept it real by sharing her vulnerabilities on being single and how she feels empowered with her “choice” to not be in a romantic relationship.

Porizkova was separated from her husband of 30 years, Cars frontman Ric Ocasek , when he passed away at 75 in 2019.

In an Instagram post, Porizkova shared an image of herself lying on the side of a bed with her body partially wrapped in a sheet.

"I still sleep only on one side of the bed. After almost an entire lifetime of sharing my space with someone else, I'm still keeping it open — for someone else,” she began her caption.

She continued: “We actually ‘need’ love to survive. Like we do air and food and drink. This is how we’ve been built. So why is it so easy to say ‘I need food, I need a glass of water, I need some air’ - but terrified of admitting our emotional needs?”

In an effort to curtail people misinterpreting her comments as a way of looking for a boyfriend, Porizkova included the disclaimer: “Gentlemen, this is not a call for your company- or a dating site- I’m merely making a point.”

In a follow up post, the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model clarified her position on loneliness.

“I spoke of loneliness, because it’s something I’ve been battling with long before my husband died. There is nothing quite like feeling lonely in a marriage, or surrounded by a group of people - it’s a distinct feeling of being a ghost,” she wrote. “You simply don’t register. That’s being lonely. Being alone is a choice. You can be alone and not feel the least bit lonely. Because you have chosen it.”

Porizkova previously discussed how she felt “worthless” towards the end of her marriage to Ocasek. The couple shared two adult sons.

Despite what some may think of her social media posts, Porizkova stated how she’s very content with her single status.

“I’m writing this as a reflection, not a cry for help as many of you interpreted it,” she continued. “I’m happily alone - by choice for now - and have no lack of friendships or available relationships.”

In 2021, Porizkova dated writer/director Aaron Sorkin. Following their split, she expressed gratitude for the relationship. "I'm so grateful for his presence in my life,” she said of Sorkin. “He helped heal me and reclaim myself.”

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