Miami Heat's Max Strus Has No Time For Complacency After Breakout Year


Strus refuses to get comfortable heading into this season

Miami Heat guard Max Strus knows the feeling of going undrafted.

He also knows the uncertainty of playing on a two-way contract. Him get too comfortable after earning a spot in the Heat's rotation? No way.

Not a chance.

“No, you can’t do that,” Strus said. “Because the minute you settle and live in that moment, you’ll get passed up on. So every day you’ve got to earn that respect and earn that position. That doesn’t come easily in the NBA. So I understand that and I’m still working hard to keep proving myself and to be a long-time starter in the NBA."

Strus had a breakout season, averaging 10.6 points and three rebounds in 68 games. He ended the year as the starting shooting guard, replacing Duncan Robinson in the lineup.

Strus is grateful of the Heat providing him with an opportunity.

"It’s been crazy, when you think about it like that," Strus said. “But I try not to. I kind of just try to live in the moment and just take each milestone, each step one day at a time. So I try to enjoy each step of the way and just be happy for every moment and celebrate each success I have.”


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