Hugh Grant slams Priti Patel as 'worst Home Sec in history' over 'inhumane' airport queues


Hugh Grant has slammed Priti Patel by calling her the ‘worst Home Secretary in history’ and hitting out at the 'inhumane' conditions faced by people at immirgration at Heathrow airport.

The actor, who is never afraid of being outspoken about the government, called the situation faced by people in long queues upon arrival in the country a “disgrace”.

Grant posted a picture of queues and wrote: “Dear Visitors to the UK, I apologise for the way you are treated on arrival.

“Terminal 3 Heathrow just now was a disgrace and inhumane. I’m afraid we have the worst Home Secretary in British history.”

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When asked for more information by a social media user, he added: “It’s a queue for immigration control. Which is staffed and run by the Home Office.

“We’re not allowed to call Brexiteers thick but it’s a struggle sometimes.”

Grant has been making headlines recently after calling out the government. It comes after Grant trolled Tory MP and new education secretary Andrea Jenkyns after she was filmed making a rude gesture towards protesters outside Downing Street.

Jenkyns, a Boris Johnson loyalist, was appointed to the role following a chaotic week in Westminister. Just hours after Johnson has resigned as Tory party leader on Thursday, she was filmed flipping her middle finger towards the crowd as she was making her way into Downing Street.

She has since put out a statement claiming that she has received death threats in the past few years and that the 'baying mob' on Friday got the best of her and she had "reached the end of her tether."

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