'Nope' Video Interviews with Steven Yeun and Brandon Perea


“Nope” stars Steven Yeun and Brandon Perea call the project Jordan Peele’s “most ambitious film yet,” while talking to CinemaBlend’s Eric Eisenberg. Watch as they discuss working with the acclaimed director, including “homework” they were given ahead of shooting, how they formed their characters, some of their favorite details on set and more!

00:00 - Intro

00:21 - The 5 Movies Jordan Peele Asked Brandon Perea To Watch Before He Even Got A Script

01:12 - How Steven Yeun and Jordan Peele Approached The Character’s Traumatic Past

02:53 - Steven Yeun’s Favorite Hidden Details Of His Character on Set

03:41 - How Brandon Perea Completely Changed The Character of Angel

05:35 - Brandon Perea’s Favorite Details Jordan Peele Included On Set

07:05 - Steven Yeun Has A Very Deep Meaning Behind The Shoe

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