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Eye Demand!

Perhaps traditional energy companies, forced to fold up their tents, policies will bring brown outs and blackouts to Oregon along with no diesel fuel for farmers and no fertilizer. Food and energy shortages have already fomented the disintegration of two world governments and Germany is telling residents hot water will be in short supply as they move toward energy chaos. The more ‘green’ a country is the more likely upheaval. Those imposing this phony Soros/Schultz one-world energy ‘solution’ endanger their own nation’s while promoting Communist China. And the toxic, non-recyclable, electric car batteries are piling up in landfills with windmill blades to follow. And look what Biden has wrought in his short stint as dictator.

Not My President!

Yes, get prepared Oregon! That means brown outs and black outs will commence! If he worked for Biden he had an amazingly easy job! Biden doesn't know who, what, where, when or why about anything. His alzheimers has fast tracked due to the stress of being president. He is not capable of doing the hardest Job in The World. Even if it is written on the teleprompter or on a card he can't follow it. I'm NOT trying to be mean, just pointing out the obvious. Shame on His Family for putting him out there every day. They <The Family> should make him resign and let him live out the rest of his life surrounded by his Family and walking on the beach! His family won't do it because they Love the prestige more than they Love Joe! They should be charged with elder abuse! IMHO

Cid Peirce Quakenbush

Oregon doesn't want him, send him back to DC.


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