Prosecution rests case after Jamal Smith takes stand in murder trial of youth baseball coach

CBS Minnesota
CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS -- The prosecution rested its case Monday in the murder trial of the man accused of killing a youth baseball coach in an alleged road rage attack.

According to investigators, Jamal Smith allegedly shot Jay Boughton last summer after the drivers had an altercation on Highway 169 in Plymouth.
Cedric Hohnstadt

The opening statement from prosecutors described Smith as ticked off Boughton honked and then gestured at his driving. The defense maintained there was no way Smith could drive and shoot, and implied it was someone else in the car who opened fire.

Smith took the stand Monday in his own defense, where he admitted to being behind the wheel when someone shot Boughton, but denied being the one who pulled the trigger.

Last week, prosecutors showed jurors Facebook videos Wednesday of Smith holding a weapon that investigators traced to the shooting.

Smith's girlfriend, Rondelle Hardin, also testified about two other people in the car, and the defense noted that they also had weapons.

The jury is expected to begin deliberations Tuesday. Prosecutors are asking for a stiffer sentence, in part, because Boughton's son was in the car.

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