‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Shouts Out Fan Wearing Erin Reagan Campaign Shirt

Over the past 12 years, the Reagan family has entertained households all over the country as Blue Bloods continues to garner rave reviews. According to the IMDb page, it has a 7.7 out of 10. And that is with over 39,000 reviews. Revolving around a family of New York cops and their dedication to family and dinner time, the actress behind Erin Reagan, Bridget Moynahan, shared an interesting shirt she saw while out on the town.

Running into fans is part of the job when it comes to stardom. But this might be a first for Bridget Moynahan as she posted a picture of a fan wearing a shirt that promoted Erin Reagan for Manhattan District Attorney. Writing the caption, “Looks like I have a campaign manager”, the actress enjoyed the moment to share not only her success but the success of the show. Receiving over 3,000 likes, many comments surrounded people asking where they could get the shirt and how any Reagan had their vote.

The Drastic Shift In Hollywood

Being 51-years-old, Bridget Moynahan recently discussed what it was like to get into the entertainment industry when she was younger. “I came into the business at a really nice time. When I first started out, there was this taboo thinking that if you do films, you don’t do TV; if you do TV, there’s no way you’re doing films. And if you are a model, you can’t really be an actress. Making that jump was really difficult—so much so that I was super conscious of not taking modeling jobs so that I could only be seen as an actress.”

Things changed as the actress noted, “But everything was changing at the same time. There was complete fluidity and you could jump from one platform to another with nothing holding you back. It really opened up roles and opportunities for women to expand and explore all these different mediums.”

Bridget Moynahan Explains The Importance Of Self Care

Bridget Moynahan insisted that self-care is a crucial aspect of taking care of one’s self. “That’s something that we don’t often do is make time for ourselves. Especially when we’re new mothers. I think we lose that. And if you can remember to do that for yourself, or encourage your friends who are possibly new mothers to take that time, it’s really important to do.”

Looking back on her time on Blue Bloods, in Hollywood, and past relationships, Bridget Moynahan admitted she would do things differently. “I would tell my younger self to buy real estate—and lots of it—in New York City in your 20s. Maybe don’t do long-distance relationships. I can’t even believe it. I wish I was not in a long-distance relationship when I was living in Europe; I should have been having a lot more present fun. And to trust your gut. I feel like women are being encouraged to trust their gut and listen to it. We all have that voice and we should learn to trust it.”

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