Elizabeth Holmes and her former Theranos business partner, Ramesh Balwani, had similar charges but very different verdicts. Legal experts explain why.

Business Insider
Business Insider
  • Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh Balwani faced similar charges related to their tenures at Theranos.
  • While Holmes was convicted on 4 counts, Balwani was convicted on 12 counts last week.
  • The variance in verdicts owe to several factors, including their ages, differences in experience, and the order of their trials.

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Biden Harris a joke

I do not get why these two are not in prison yet I wonder who got paid off rip off million an blame each other and they need to pay every penny back 💩💩💩

Recovering Democrat

Ckearly that’s miscarriage of justice. SHE was the mastermind who defrauded people, some of them family friends. She was the one running the labs and business transactions. He was the enforcer


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