‘Blue Bloods’: Why Bridget Moynahan Calls Night Scenes the ‘Toughest to Film’

Although she loves being on the hit TV series “Blue Bloods,” Bridget Moynahan admits that out of everything going on the set, the show’s night scenes are the toughest.

While speaking to TV Insider last spring, the “Blue Bloods” star shared she doesn’t like night scenes. “Any scene shot at night is difficult because I am an early bird who goes to bed at 9:30.”

During a May 2022 interview with Bare Magazine, Moynahan spoke about her early mornings as she discussed her ageless skin. “Living a healthy lifestyle, using sunblock, drinking lots of water, it all adds up,” the “Blue Bloods” actress shared. “I’m an early bird, too. I’ll be working at 4 a.m., but never keep me up until 4 a.m.”

Although the night shoots are rough, Bridget Moynahan previously stated that she is happy to have her “Blue Bloods” family by her side. “We know how lucky we are to be on this show,” she told Glamour in 2021. It doesn’t come around that often. My family is here. I saw a few people – friends of mine – who had gone to L.A. and were just kind of chasing the next job for a while [and] I didn’t want to get lost in L.A. I had New York, and I knew New York [and] I had that comfort.”

Bridget Moynahan also spoke about how her childhood is much like her “Blue Blood” character, Erin Reagan. “Growing up in an Irish Catholic family with all brothers and all boy cousins, I’ve just been surrounded by men my whole life. And being a single mom [to onscreen daughter Nicky] as well.

Moynahan admitted that if getting a law degree wasn’t so overwhelming, she would have considered going into law. “I certainly have gotten more appreciation for the law.”

Bridget Moynahan Spoke About Directing An Episode of ‘Blue Bloods’

As she continued her chat with Bare Magazine, Bridget Moynahan opened up about directing an episode of “Blue Bloods.”

“I just loved the experience,” the actress recalled. She also acknowledges that she had the opportunity to do it on a show where it’s like family.”I had a supportive environment, and insight on how the show works, and relationships that were a decade strong. So it couldn’t have been better first time out.”

Moynahan also reflected on being involved and present from the beginning to the end of the day. “The hardest part was going back to my regular day job.”

In regards to co-authoring The ‘Blue Bloods’ Cookbook, Bridget Moynahan said, “I like to cook and we try to have dinner at home five days a week. A lot fo the recipes in the cookbook are family favorites, like the Swedish meatballs my mom would make every Christmas Eve. My son loves those Swedish meatballs, so it’s a special meal for us.”

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