‘Better Call Saul’ Star Tony Dalton Details Lalo’s Major Showdown With Gus

Following the latest episode of “Better Call Saul’s” sixth and final season, actor Tony Dalton is now detailing Lalo’s major showdown with Gus and his TV character’s fate.

As a recap of the “Better Call Saul” episode, “Point and Shoot,” Tony Dalton’s villainous character, Lalo Salamanca, finally met his maker at the hands of Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus Fring. Lalo almost came close to exposing Fring to the rest of the Salamanca cartel and explained to Saul his plan to kill Gus while standing over Howard’s dead body. However, Saul ended up convincing Lalo to send Kim instead. Before Kim was able to pull the trigger at Gus’ secure safe house, Jonathan Banks’ Mike stopped the attempted hit. Gus then decides to check on his secret meth lab and runs into Lalo, who murdered all Gus’ guards. Lalo then takes Gus hostage and fires a round into his bulletproof vest.

But, in typical villain form, the “Better Call Saul” character gave Gus a chance to escape by letting him say his “last words” before he killed him. Gus manages to escape and turns off the lights. He sees the gun and fires at Lalo. Upon turning off the lights, Lalo is seen choking on his own blood from a fatal neck gun wound. In his final seconds of life, Lalo smiles at Gus and dies.

Tony Dalton spoke to Variety about the fate of his “Better Call Saul” character. When asked about finding out that Gus was going to kill his character in the final season, Dalton said, “It was a while back, but I got a call before we started shooting during the pandemic. I got a Zoom call from [creators] Vince [Gilligan] and Peter [Gould]. It was more about how excited they were about what happens than they were about me dying.”

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As he spoke to Gilligan and Gould about his “Better Call Saul” character, Dalton said the trick discussed Howard’s death first. “They were talking about Howard’s death and that I kill him, and then they’re like, ‘And then you die.’” Dalton recalled. “I was just thankful that I got the job and worked with these guys and the character became so integral to the story. You don’t get gigs like that very often.”

Also discussing Lalo sending Kim to kill Gus, Dalton revealed if he thought this move was a distraction or if his character thought Kim would kill Gus. “When you’re watching it, you think he’s trying to get his plan to work. Then when you see he’s in the lab, he just wanted somebody to show up there. That’s why he doesn’t care who shows up.”

Dalton went on to add that Lalo basically just wanted attention to be somewhere else so he had the chance to record the lab. “That was his plan the whole time. When Gus shows up, he says, ‘I was just going to record the lab but now that you’re here, it’s even better.’”

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