Beautiful Wednesday on the way followed by a string of warm weather again says Paul Douglas

WCCO News Talk 830
WCCO News Talk 830
A beautiful Wednesday is on tap, but that is followed by another string of hot weather in Minnesota. Photo credit (Getty Images / batuhan toker )

After a very windy Monday and Tuesday, the weather is going to run perfect on Wednesday according to WCCO Chief Meteorologist Paul Douglas. But then, the heat returns and it is going to stick for a while.

“Wednesday looks stunning, postcard perfect, but back up near 90 by the end of the week and the weekend,” says Douglas.

The forecast calls for light wind, plenty of sunshine with low eighties Wednesday.

“Next week, the models including my favorite the European model, suggesting that the oven door may swing open one more time,” Douglas tells WCCO’s Vineeta Sawkar. “I think we’ll be well up into the nineties many days next week. And I would not be shocked to see one hundred-degree heat somewhere in Minnesota by the middle of next week. Something to look forward to.”

Douglas also adds he sees a string of ninety-degree weather through the end of the month.

“I think we're going to see maybe another eight, nine, ten days of nineties starting Thursday or Friday into most of next week, maybe as hot as it was back in June,” says Douglas. “We had that long extended stretch of nineties. We've had 11 days of nineties so far. My hunch, by the end of July, it's going to be closer to 20.”

If Minnesotans are complaining about the heat, remember it could be much worse. The heat across parts of the country is much worse.

“I'm seeing temperatures predicted to be as hot as 120 in Oklahoma over the coming days,” Douglas said. “I can't imagine what that kind of heat is like. The European model, by the way, is saying a hundred degrees in the metro next Thursday. Not totally buying it yet, but we certainly will see some mid-nineties, but one hundred is not out of the question by the end of next week.”

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