NY lawmaker Alessandra Biaggi runs for NY’s 17th Congressional District

News 12
News 12

New York lawmaker Alessandra Biaggi is running for a seat in New York’s new 17th Congressional District.

She was previously running for Congress in the 3rd District, but after state lines were redrawn and finalized to take portions of Westchester out of the district, she changed her course.

Biaggi’s campaign focuses on abortion right, gun safety and climate change.

“Since I've been in office , not only do I think I have proven that I care about the issues that I said I would run on, but I have been a champion on those things,” Biaggi says . “My record proves that, and more and most importantly, I am not a corporate establishment Democrat or politician that will just do whatever the party says."

The primary election is scheduled for Aug. 23.

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