Real-Life ‘Stranger Things’? TikTok Conspiracy Theory Claims Scientific Organization CERN Opened a Portal to Another Dimension

Ultimate Unexplained
Ultimate Unexplained
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Amity Reynolds

It’s not just tiktok who started this trend of thought. There’s been YouTube videos and articles about things not feeling right or remembering things right since that thing was created


You see sir really did open a dimensional portal in the sky but that video was quickly removed and if anyone can find it I would love to see it


600 MeV Synchrocyclotron (SC), built in 1957, was CERN’s first accelerator. It provided beams for CERN’s first experiments in particle and nuclear physics. In 1964, this machine started to concentrate on nuclear physics alone, leaving particle physics to the newer and much more powerful Proton Synchrotron (PS). The SC became a remarkably long-lived machine. In 1967, it started supplying beams for a dedicated unstable-ion facility called ISOLDE, which carries out research ranging from pure nuclear physics to astrophysics and medical physics. In 1990, ISOLDE was transferred to a different accelerator, and the SC closed down after 33 years of service.


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