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Edward Jones

this coming from someone who didn't earn a laureate status.... I've read her work and coming from a poet myself she is amazing.... gifted, beautiful mind, beautiful heart...

Blanche Mcleod

national anthem for me, NOT, it is a racist piece of excrement, written by a racist. It is 4 verses, NOT 1, read it for yourselves. He was not on the British ship to get a "friend", he was there to get the British to give the freed slaves, back. By the way his regiment was captured by "The Mariners", who were freed by the British, and held in former runaway slave shacks. Don't you just love the irony, probably not, however you still won't get it. I am a proud Black American whose Father, Sister, Nephew and Niece, are 100% disabled. I come from a long line of Military Veterans and financially support Disabled Veterans and the VFW, so don't dare call me unpatriotic . My father died at 52, from injuries he got in WWII, fighting for freedom for others, and had no freedom in America. Why don't you start learning the real history of America.

Da Dude

Speed talking Ben. He talks fast because he knows that the faster he talks, the more his room temperature IQ audience will be overwhelmed with his propaganda.


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