Bear 'showing no fear of humans' closes NH campground

CBS Boston
CBS Boston

Bear 'showing no fear of humans' causes New Hampshire campground to close 00:20

BARTLETT, N.H. -- A New Hampshire campground is closed until further notice due to a bear that is not afraid of humans, officials say.

The U.S. Forest Service for the White Mountain National Forecast announced the closure of Fourth Iron Campground on Monday.

"Forest Service personnel have identified a black bear that has been habituated to receiving food rewards and is showing no fear of humans," the service said. "For public safety, all entry to Fourth Iron Campground is prohibited at this time."

The campground is a walk-in tent site at junction of the Sawyer and Saco rivers, four miles west of Bartlett.

Fourth Iron Campground is closed to all entry until further notice.

Violators could face a $200 citation.

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Marian Lucas

Prime example of what can happen when a bear associates humans with food.Sad fact is this bear may end up having th be euthanized. A fed bear is a dead bear


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