Capital Beltway Protestors Bring Traffic To Standstill July 4th

Daily Voice
Daily Voice
Capital Beltway protestors Photo Credit: Maryland DOT

Protestors kneeling on the Capital Beltway in Maryland brought traffic to a halt on July Fourth.

Traffic was at a complete standstill as of 12:30 at Route 29 due to climate protestors in Silver Spring, according to developing reports.

Maryland State Police and local police were at the scene.

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Mary Cavanaugh

'Climate Change' protestors blocking traffic on a holiday so cars get backed up and use more gasoline & A/C expelling more fumes into the air. Brilliant, NOT! Don't mess with traffic with these gas prices, someone with 'road rage- may just run you over.

Omar Massey

Look I'm all about peaceful protests and exercising your first amendment rights. But, not to the extent where you're now infringing upon my ability to commute and get where I need to go. Not to mention it's dangerous.

Peter wise one

arrest all of those stopping traffic and sentence them to 2.5 years each no bond no early releases no bail just throw them in prison


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