Fight over sunglasses ends with teen killing one person, injuring another, Mississippi police say

Magnolia State Live
Magnolia State Live

Police say a Mississippi teenager shot and killed one person and wounded another Sunday night after a fight over sunglasses escalated.

Gulfport Police say they arrested Lional Cornelius Jackson Jr., 16, and have charged him with one count of murder and one count of aggravated assault.

Police say they were called to a Gulfport apartment complex at approximately 9 p.m. Sunday where two people were found with gunshot wounds.

Investigators said Jackson and one of the victims were in a fight earlier Sunday over sunglasses. The second victim was apparently shot by stray bullets.

Jackson was held on a combined $1.25 million in bonds.

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Holly McWilliams

He doesn't look like he cares a flip about what he did. Hope they try him as an adult and he does time in an adult facility. Doing hard time with people who make you wish you were a kid again might have an effect. Especially at night when he's crying for mommy.

Sophia Rainey

16 wow. How about are there any parents around who actually care about what your child is doing. At 16 you can’t even buy a gun. Life is over for him before it can really start prayers to the person family who died

WalkPerry 007

Alot of these teenagers are going through something. They are missing something important in their lives to motivate them to do best and be best. They have no major influencer. They are hanging with others that have the same problems. Alot of these problematic teenagers need to be sent to a boot camp to learn who they are and the life they want.


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