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John Mahoney was born in Broomall, PA, and raised in the small town of Newtown Square, PA. From the beginning, Mahoney was hearing the beat of a different drum. Public education could not satisfy his artistic leaning so after barely graduating high school, due to hanging with the wrong crowd, he began playing bass guitar in jazz and rock bands in the area. Mahoney loved this as it fed his creative desires and he continued in the music genre for 6-8 years.

On his 18th birthday, Mahoney’s parents bought him a Mamiya Sekor 35mm film camera hoping to give him more creative options to explore. He loved the creativity he could accomplish with a camera but still took the wide crooked road for a while.

At age 19, Mahoney went to work in his father’s industrial distribution company where he stayed for 25 years. He loved the money but hated the business. However, one must eat so he continued in this line of work moving around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Ohio. After two failed marriages, Mahoney met his soul mate Annmarie, and has been happily married for 38 years.

Mahoney moved to Peoria to be with his parents, who had retired to Sun City West for their golden years. After two years of working a standard purchasing job, he went back to the music scene because he was drowning in “the system.” Shortly thereafter, he educated himself in digital audio recording and started a recording studio business which was 21 years ago. His work in the beginning was primarily producing audio books. Now he works in the area of recording singers/songwriters, single acts, duets and trios.

Four years ago, as Mahoney was preparing for a vacation in Iceland, he decided to purchase a Canon Rebel T series camera. He fell back in love with photography. Soon after he was able to upgrade to a Canon 6D Mark II and began investigating close up and macro photography. Now, he has broadened his camera bag to include many different types of lenses and shoots whatever catches his eye. He of course had to get involved in learning Photoshop so he could process his images. After joining the Camera Guild, he has been able to go on photo shoots, take photography classes and meet other creative camera “geeks” who share their knowledge and talents.

Mahoney moved to Sun City one year ago and is involved in the Camera Guild, Bell Wood Shop and the Sun City Clay Club. He’s keeping his creativity alive at 69 years young, producing beautiful images and awesome music.

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