Mother charged with child neglect out of Mercer County


PRINCETON, WV (LOOTPRESS) – A mother is facing child neglect charges after refusing to get her child medical attention which puts the child at risk of severe bodily injury or death.

According to detectives, a Princeton officer responded to Princeton Community Hospital Emergency Room, where an ER physician advised they were treating a child and that the child’s mother, Jacklyn Renee Popp, 28, of Bluefield, WV, signed her daughter out against medical advice. The ER doctor said that the child’s condition was taking a turn for the worse and that the mother signing her out of the ER against medical advice would create a substantial risk of severe bodily harm or death.

Popp was found an hour later nearby the hospital on a park bench.

Popp was charged with child neglect creating the risk of bodily injury due to her refusing to get her child the medical attention needed.

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Shan Sisk

wait its her child ? and the dr and the government decides it knows best and takes the child hmm. well i thought that there certain freedoms nobody can take.

Ron Shawver

So.....what was the child's ailment? The mother was found, but where's the child? Tyler Barker strikes again! WV journalism! lol


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