North Carolina Mom Shot and Killed in Her Bedroom

North Carolina Mom Shot and Killed in Her BedroomMGN

North Carolina State News

Southern North Carolina police are investigating a fatal gunshot and attack that resulted in the death of a woman.

Sunday about 4:45 a.m., officers were dispatched to the Rozier Homes public housing project off South Seneca Street in reference to a woman who had been attacked.

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North Carolina Mom Shot and Killed in Her BedroomIllustrative photo

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When they arrived, they encountered a 25-year-old woman standing outside. She reported to authorities that a man pushed her into her residence and attacked her.

According to investigators, the man then entered a bedroom where the woman's mother, Barbara Baxley, 45, was also attacked. According to investigators, Baxley was then fatally shot.

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Witnesses at the crime scene identified a person of interest whom the police are currently pursuing.

Anyone with information is asked to call 910-671-3500 and speak with Detective Blake Harrell.

The investigation is underway, and officials said fresh information will be released later.

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Zola Mckoy

To the folks who are saying ignorant things, a woman has lost her life.If you can't say anything but negative comments go to another story and make these comments.My condolences to this family.🥀


So the man shot the woman’s mother but not the other woman? Hmmm just don’t add up


The guy has already been arrested. Is it odd he only assaulted the daughter but killed the mother? Yes, but not odd enough for it to not be the truth. People do crazy things. It's possible she doesn't know the guy and that's why he let her live. It's possible she does but he didn't care about being identified in that moment. Could be he wanted her mom dead for whatever reason but didn't kill her because she had nothing to do with it.


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