3 police officers killed in Kentucky by suspect with rifle

This booking photo provided by Pike County, Kentucky, jail shows Lance Storz. Two officers were killed when Storz. opened fire on police attempting to serve… Read More

ALLEN, Ky. (AP) — Three Kentucky law enforcement officers were killed when a man opened fire on police attempting to serve a warrant at a home in eastern Kentucky.

Police took 49-year-old Lance Storz into custody late Thursday night after an hourslong standoff at a home in Allen, a small town in the hills of Appalachia. An emergency management official was also injured and a police dog was killed.

Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt told reporters that the responding officers encountered “pure hell” when they arrived on the scene, saying the had “no chance.” Storz was arraigned Friday and jailed on a $10 million bond.

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Mr. Nice Guy

No plea deals. If found guilty by a jury of his peers or pleads guilty execute him. Give him 90 days to get his affairs in order. On day 91 flip the switch or push the plunger.....

Avon Hebsley

I send condolences to the men who life's were cut short from this thing who has no soul I pray for the family of these three brave men

James Kellison

was it an AK 47 ??? or another type of assault weapon ??I'm sorry brother's for bringing that up after the death of three of our brothers wearing that badge. it's time that everyone stands up and rethinks all that they have accused law enforcement officers of doing wrong and WHY they do what they do, most of it's RESPECT, and the rest is an attempt to prevent harm to either themselves or someone else. I don't care how many body camera's you look at to determine the right to prosecute or not prosecute law enforcement officers, there's always another reason that the officer don't bring out because he knows it won't matter anyway. well here's to another Three, may you RIP my friend's !!


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