Another Massive Shark Tracked Off Maryland Coast — This One 1,600 Pounds

Daily Voice
Daily Voice
Scot Photo Credit: OCEARCH

A 1,600-pound shark was tracked off the Maryland coast on Friday, July 1.

Scot, a 12-foot-long white shark, was "pinged" in the southern portion of Ocean City around 9 a.m., according to shark research group OCEARCH.

A "ping" happens when an animal tag breaks the surface of the water, sending data.

Last week, an 883-pound white shark named Freya pinged in the area.

Scot was tagged by researchers last September in Nova Scotia. Since then, he's swam all the way to the Gulf of Mexico and back up the East Coast.

On June 29, Scot pinged in the Atlantic Ocean on the southern-most point of the Maryland coastline around 10:45 a.m.

Scot was named by OCEARCH's partners at SeaWorld after the people of Nova Scotia, who have always been so welcoming and committed to the science and health of our oceans.

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IT IS THE OCEAN . 🙄 Large fish , Sharks , dolphins , Whales in the Ocean .

Pelosi's DRUNK Brain

He’s well known. As are several that travel from the coast of Maine down to NC beaches and maybe further.

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Maybe we should stay out of HIS house.


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