Man Getting Haircut on Mississippi River Bridge Sparks Outrage on Social Media

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Chris Reed

One video on social media has left many scratching their head.

The Sadvocate, which is a satire page that highlights newsworthy issues in Baton Rouge, recently posted a video on their page that shows a man getting a haircut while on a bridge.

The bridge in the video resembles the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge and while the man is getting a cut, traffic continues to move in other lanes.

A truck, which could have been broken down or not, is blocking the far right lane on the bridge and that is where the men set up shop.

While the story that the Sadvocate has attached to this video is truly satire, the video of the man cutting hair on the bridge certainly seems legit.

Check out his video from a bridge and tell us what you think of it in the comments section.

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Rondo Geraldo Hasselhoff

When they get killed by a big red truck the families will want to sue the trucking company and the state of Louisiana


Well can't call it impeding traffic, because he wasn't driving a vehicle. Roadside distractions can cause accidents and a BRIDGE !!! They did this for attention and they got it. Possibly there is a law stating you can't sit on that bridge.... Much less take a chance of causing an accident getting a haircut while sitting on the bridge. If they would have caused an accident, they may have been charged...just my thoughtswyt


That is illegal and they should be arrested The main reason you could cause distractions and cause bad accident and other people to die


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