Wisconsin Woman, 28, Went Looking For The Cause Of Her ‘Constant Nosebleeds:’ It Turned Out To Be An Aggressive Sinus Cancer.
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Most doctors,despite 10 years of education are clueless. Your body is cut up into body systems and when your primary doctor cannot figure out what is wrong with you you are sent to numerous specialists who are equally clueless. I have lupus. Have had it since I was 17. Despite hundreds of MD appointments I was only Appropriately diagnosed in 2018. I am 64.Now I live in chronic, severe pain. And my pain management physician constantly reminds me of prescription limits on my pain meds. I am widowed live alone and own my own home. I will be moving soon. So sick and tired of the health care system in this country. I am a retired RN. I have 40 years of case management and health insurance expertise. ,. I am well aware of how WONDERFUL OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IS NOT.


My mother started getting chronic sinus infections, then a sore in her mouth wouldn't heal (burn from hot food), then a tooth died. Our dentist then sent her to a dental surgeon who found a tumor in her sinus cavity. The tumor & ½ her upper palate were removed & she opted for radiation. The surgeon was confident he got all the tumor so chemo was optional. Well a year later the cancer was back and found in her illium. The Oncologist believed that's where it originated from & moved to her sinus cavity where it's more readily diagnosed. Sadly, it was inoperable. So even though chemo is the devil, it's doing Angel's work, get it! In memory of my mom Beverly who passed away 9/1/00. #cancersucks

Amiee Park Glogowski

13 beans soup (Bob's Red Mill) is a natural chemotherapy soup, (all fresh) add barley, brown rice, tomatoes, onion, carrots, celery, bay leaf, spinich, piemento-optional, small amount green pepper, potatoes. Salt & paper, season to taste.It's to your liking on how much you add. *Also blue algae, cats claw, dandelion root, milk thistle, turmeric, garlic & green tea are also good cancer fighters, you can find these at a health storeSo many have cancer & this helps!🤗 Please share to bless others 🤗


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