Traveling Tomb of the Unknown Soldier comes to Western Pennsylvania

CBS Pittsburgh
CBS Pittsburgh

Traveling Tomb of the Unknown Soldier escorted to Pittsburgh 01:20

ZELIENOPLE (KDKA) – As people celebrate the Fourth of July, one local community is hosting a unique and moving monument that honors the men and women who have given their lives for our freedom.

On Friday night, hundreds of motorcyclists escorted the Traveling Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to Zelienople.

Gregory Bigger, the president of the American Legion Riders in Zelienople helped organize the ride that escorted the Traveling Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

"We got a call in December that it was coming into town, we had a beautiful ride in," he said. "Patriotism is alive and well in Pennsylvania – just seeing people out there waving flags and cheering us on, it was beautiful."

The riders picked up the tomb in New Castle and the procession led them from the old Sears Building on West State Street in New Castle and took the tomb for display at Four Corners Park in Zelienople.

"A lot of us guys go to DC, we see the real one, this is great, it's been in town twice now, and it's an honor to come to our town," Bigger said. "It means a lot – it really does mean a lot – truly a humbling and great honor. If you can't go to DC, this is incredible. We were honored to come out here, and get people together, Fourth of July Weekend, you can't get a better weekend than that."

The tomb is at Four Corners Park, and an opening ceremony will happen today and then it will be on display until Tuesday.

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patriotism is alive and well everywhere but in liberal big blue cities. Latest polls showed 56% of Americans don't like their country? It was a sad day to see that report right before the 4th.Then yesterday when Joe Biden was asked about gas prices he stated" deal with it". This was followed up by his economic advisor stating, "this is all about our liberal New world order."Look it up it was at the Economic summit in Europe and was broadcast on CNN. Pray for the country and vote November to get Socialist Democrats out. The family oriented moderate Democrats or long gone. The party has been hijacked.


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