Furniture manufacturer announces changes to Mississippi facility, layoff of 300 jobs

Magnolia State Live
Magnolia State Live

One of the largest furniture manufacturers in the state has announced that it is laying off 300 workers in Mississippi and North Carolina.

Furniture Today reports that United Furniture Industries Inc., which is known to consumers as Lane Home Furnishings, will be transforming a manufacturing factory in Amory to a warehousing-only facility; closing a metal stamping facility in High Point, NC.; and transitioning a Winston-Salem, N.C. operation to an East Coast distribution center.

Company CEO Todd Evans said the reason for the layoffs is because the industry is experiencing a drastic decrease in consumer demand.

In all, 300 employees will be laid off, but it is not clear how many of those jobs will be in Mississippi.

The changes will leave the company with 2,700 employees in three states and Vietnam.

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what did we think would happen if they continue to print and flood the economy with money? the value of our dollar is tanking. some call it inflation. many people are forced to choose between food, gas or rent/bills.

Jeramy Hamblin

I wonder how many they employ in Vietnam and what their wages are. Like I have said for so many years. If they are going to send jobs overseas then keep the furniture there too cause nobody can afford to buy their products if they lose their jobs to extremely low labor.

Max Stillman

Every company is laying off hundreds of workers but the unemployment is going down, are they cooking the numbers


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