Arkansas town makes “top gay-friendly cities” list

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A motorcycle carrying a flag often associated with gay pride, passes through the business district of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

"Vacationer" lists Eureka Springs as a top LGBTQ+ friendly city in U.S.

EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. — The online vacation magazine, Vacationer, which considers itself to be friendly toward the LGBTQ+ community, recently compiled a list of 22 small to midsize cities around the United States that are worth spending your time, attention, and tourism dollars visiting.

Coming in at number seven spot on Vacationer Magazine’s list is Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The publication said over 30% of the 2,000 residents that call Eureka Springs “home,” identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, earning it the nickname “The Gayest Small Town in America.”

Just a short two hour drive from Joplin, Missouri, this Victorian-era, hilly town is situated in the Ozark Mountains and offers a great alternative to a coastal holiday.

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Vacationer stated that Eureka Springs offers all the nightlife amenities you’d be accustomed to, with the addition of three “Diversity Weekends” (Pride celebrations) scheduled throughout the year.

Eureka Springs was the first city in Arkansas to issue a same-sex marriage license and has enacted a city ordinance designed to protect its LGBTQ+ citizens.

The vibrant and bustling historic downtown contains countless businesses that are gay-owned and operated.

Eureka Spring’s tourism department states that their city is not LGBTQ+ exclusive, but rather inclusive to everyone, offering visitors lodging, dining, many different kinds of art, festival and outdoor activities for all to enjoy.

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Shane 49

I got lost ended up in Eureka Spring and was helped out by the nicest police ypu could ever hope to find in that area being a person of color it shows me what I have always known is you should never judge someone by what they look like .A truly beautiful city ..

Mister Ed

Eureka Springs is super friendly to everyone. Gays, tourists, hikers, bikers, you name it. There is a great number of talented artisans there as well who sell their craft. Good food and bars and the scenery is wonderful. An Arkansas gem!


Many of these so called Christians are talking about God but would God be pleased with this type of behavior! The Bible says love thy neighbor as thy self not love them if you agree with how they live their life. I'm sure that we all do things that aren't pleasing to God but that doesn't mean that God treat us like we treat each other. I grew up in church and my dad is a pastor and we are taught to love people regardless of anything and my siblings and me are raising our children to do the same. It's none of my business who anyone chooses to lay with because it doesn't affect me as long as they don't try it with me I'm good and I know how to correct any issues that comes if I have to correct someone. How can a man love God whom you can't see but hate your brother that you see everyday!


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