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Michelle Collins

They need to use prisons to rehabilitate the incarcerated. Everyone won't be rehabilitated but at least they'll have a shot at living a better life outside prison. If you lock them up and just let them go what can you expect? I'm sorry the man died but that's partly the state's fault for handling things the way they do. They need to do better.

Jamie Parrish

I agree with Michelle. Those prisoners that are to be released into society need to be taught how to act. They need special programs to teach and possibly grade them before warehousing them for years and tossing them back into society to harm others and commit more crime. Teach them how to live and test them on it and social behavior, and right from wrong and don’t reward them to get out early if they don’t pass the program. Don’t put them on work release until they earn that privilege as well. Lots of prisoners had no real family life , and learned most from the streets. I think we need to try and address this much earlier, but also in prison.


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