Object streaks across the Midwestern sky Thursday night


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Something streaked over the Midwestern sky Thursday night. The object was spotted over St. Louis at around 10:28 pm. FOX 2 captured the object on several weather cameras located across the region. It was also reported in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

It is not clear what the object was. There is no major meteor shower happening right now. The American Meteorological Society has last night’s event listed as a pending report. More information is expected after the sightings are investigated further.

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Douglas Snyder

Setting in my backyard and saw it. Very Bright. I live in SW MISSOURI. I've seen quite a few meteorites over the years.


I was swimming in my pool with my wife und kids und told my wife to look it flew by but it blew up into 3 peices for about 10 seconds or so before it disappeared it was awesome


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