Cody Canada Discusses Working with Ray Wylie Hubbard and Randy Rogers

Cody Canada & The Departed kicked off the month of July with a reboot of Soul Gravy. Originally released in 2004 by Canada’s previous band Cross Canadian Ragweed, the album is a fan favorite. Unfortunately, it never had a vinyl release. At the same time, Canada wasn’t completely satisfied with the sound of the album. As a result, they took the songs back into the studio and recorded a brand new version. Now it showcases the sound that Canada originally wanted and fans can get it on vinyl.

The new version of Soul Gravy contains all of the killer songs from the original release. This one, however, sounds a little different. The tone of the instruments sounds more natural and Cody Canada’s voice has changed over the years. Additionally, The Departed brought some special guests to the studio for this release. You’ll hear Texas heavy-hitters Randy Rogers and Ray Wylie Hubbard sharing vocal duties with Canada on the rerelease.

Rogers co-wrote “Again” with Cody Canada, so he lends his voice to the song this go-round. Cross Canadian Ragweed included the Ray Wylie Hubbard-penned “Wanna Rock n Roll” on the original album. This time, Hubbard provided vocals for the track.

Recently, Outsider sat down with Cody Canada to discuss the Soul Gravy re-release. During that conversation, Canada opened up about working with his fellow Texans.

Cody Canada on Recording with Ray Wylie Hubbard

Ray Wylie Hubbard and Cody Canada have been pals for a long time. In the early days, Canada was reluctant to work with the Texas legend. “He always wanted to write and he would ask me. Every time he’d ask me, I’d get nervous about it. Finally, I just told him, ‘Man, I would love to write with you, but I’m so intimidated.’” To this day, Cody remembers Ray’s response. Hubbard told him, “Well, you’re going to have to get over that.” So, he did.

About working with Hubbard on Soul Gravy, he said, “He’s a very modest person and very easy to work with. There’s those people out there that just have that cool factor and he just oozes it. The guy’s been cool since the day he was born and he’s 75 years old or whatever now. It’s like having your cool uncle in the studio with you.”

Cody Canada went on to say that Hubbard is also very efficient in the studio. “A lot of people will sit and record over, and over, and over and their voice gets raspy. He knows what he sounds like, he knows how to deliver it. So, he goes in and does one or two takes and he’s done.”

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“Wanna Rock n Roll”

Working with Randy Rogers is Easy for Canada

Cody Canada has known Randy Rogers even longer than he’s known Ray Wylie. They spend a little more time together, too. “We live in the same town and go to the same charity functions and everything,” Canada said. “So, it really is just like and old pair of shoes, recording with Randy.”

“I think if we didn’t know each other it would be a little more taxing,” Canada said. “But, being friends for twenty-plus years makes it really easy to kick back, cut up, and make jokes and everything. The lighter the room, the easier the job.

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