Police: Ohio woman allegedly drank White Claw, ate a Hot Pocket, took bath in stranger’s home

WSOC Charlotte
WSOC Charlotte

CLEVELAND, Ohio — An Ohio woman has been arrested for allegedly drinking a White Claw, eating a Hot Pocket and taking a bubble bath in a stranger’s home, according to police.

Brookfield Township Police Department said that on Wednesday, they were called after a family arrived home and found a woman inside their house that they did not know. When officers arrived at the home, they found Cassandra Pacheco outside.

According to WOIO, Pacheco, 59, allegedly admitted to police that she went inside the home after she realized it was unlocked.

“Reminder to lock not only your car doors, but also your house doors. You never know who you might find making dinner or taking a bath when you get home,” said BTPD.

BPTD said they looked around and it appeared that Pacheco allegedly drank half of a White Claw and put it in the refrigerator. She made herself a Hot Pocket and some lasagna, before taking a bubble bath and changing into new clothes that she brought with her.

Pacheco allegedly told BTPD that she was dropped off in the area by someone who offered her a ride, not someone she knew.

Pacheco has been booked on a recommended charge of burglary, according to WOIO. No further information has been released, including why Pacheco chose that specific neighborhood.

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What if she suffers from Alzheimers disease? Or dementia? I once found an old woman wondering in my neighborhood. I stayed with her until medics and police arrived. She said she was walking home. They found her car parked at McDonald's. She is now safe with family. God bless our elders.

Gloria Beacham

how many. times is this news? this falls back on OUR local support on the homeless n mentality inflections in our community. That begins with our "own' tax dollars. I wonder hw much our community dollars contribute to the mentally in our tax dollars that show up in the local hospitals in the same neighborhood? Stop using GOOD DOLLARS to spread the wrong messages!!! CHANGE IS LESS EXPENSIVE N MORE RESPONSIVE!

Jeffery Lynn Burch

😂😂😂😂😂❗️.. lol . show that older woman sum support.. she's not armed, didn't harm, and didn't set off any burglar alarms... the family safe, and the state official representative shouldn't get to far with trying to discipline this case... at max community service of 8-12 hours... where is the crime


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